10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (2023)

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With stunning beaches and beautiful islands, it's worth booking a flight to Queensland's best small town.

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (1)

Aerial view of Port Douglas beach, Queensland, Australia

Queensland has one of the longest coastlines in the world and one of theamazing places in australiaThis will surprise any traveler. The state is home to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the world and home to thousands of different marine species. With many pristine beaches along its impressive coastline, it's easy to see why beachgoers and sun worshipers make the state their playground. Nature lovers can also get in on the action, thanks to more than 200 national parks scattered across the state.

As well as great cities like Brisbane and Cairns, Queensland has many beautiful small towns that highlight the state's stunning beauty. Out of all these cities, here is a list of the most beautiful cities in Queensland that are worth booking a flight to.

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10 Montville

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (2)

A fun toy store in Montville, Queensland, Australia

Welcome to Montville, a stunning retreat on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Located in the heart of the hinterland, the city is a popular destination for nature lovers. Adventure seekers can enjoy a holiday in harmony with nature in the Kondalilla National Park.

For those who like to enjoy water-based adventures such as swimming, fishing and kayaking in their spare time, Lake Boron should be at the top of the list of must-see attractions in the area. Couples can enjoy an unforgettable romantic dining experience at Flame Hill Vineyard.

9 Stanthorpe

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (3)

Sunset in Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia with the Australia Post building in the background

Wine lovers can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime in Stanthorpe, a picturesque town tucked away in Queensland's Southern Downs. The town has a peaceful country feel and is home to some of Australia's best wineries including Ridgemill Estate, Banca Ridge Winery and Summit Estate Wines to name a few.

As well as great wine, the city has a lot to offer nature lovers, including attractions such as Weeroona Park and Mount Marlay. This is a place where tourists can enjoy someAustralia's must-see experiencesLet tourists experience the authentic Australian way of life that you can't see in big cities and tourist attractions.

8 Warwick

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (4)

Front view of a listed building from 1912 in Warwick, Queensland, Australia

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Warwick is located in south-east Queensland and is known for its rich brisket. Foodies from all over the country come here just to indulge their taste buds with some of the best barbecue in the country. The town also has many stories to tell about its past, which history buffs can discover at attractions such as Warwick & District Historical Society and Warwick Museum - Pringle Cottage. Outdoor enthusiasts can have a great adventure in the Main Range National Park.

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7 Monte One

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (5)

Stream and rocky path at Mt Isa, Queensland, Australia

Tired of big cities and looking to break the monotony? The picturesque and peaceful town of Mount Isa is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. The city has a rich mining history; it is no surprise that it is one of the leading producers of lead, zinc, copper and silver. it is home to a fewSomething you can only find in Australia, como Hard Times Mine, Mount Isa Mines Rotary Rodeo HQ 和 Riverside Fossil Centre.

6 Winton

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (6)

The historic Corfield and Fitzmaurice buildings in Winton, West Queensland, Australia

Located in Queensland's Mid West region, Winton is a great getaway for families and history buffs alike. It is one of Queensland's most beautiful towns and a remote town that invites families to enjoy a fun dinosaur hunting adventure. It is proud to be the birthplace of Australia's famous airline, Qantas.

The Outback Festival is another highlight of the city for fun and adventure lovers. Travelers can spend their vacation in Bladensburg National Park.

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5 big distance

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (7)

beautiful sunset in Queensland

Another favorite place for holidaymakers in Queensland is the town of Longridge. One of the main reasons is that they can enjoy adventures fit for royalty. They spend their free time hunting and learning about dinosaurs at the Muttaburrasaurus Interpretive Centre.

Anyone interested in local history can learn more about the town at the Longreach Powerhouse and Historical Museum. Finding a place to stay won't be a problem as there are plenty of good options in town including the Saltbush Retreat and the Albert Park Motor Inn.

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4 Weipa

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (8)

Romantic sunset over the town of Weipa, Queensland, Australia

Located in the north of Queensland, Vipa is one of theQueensland's most beautiful townsAnd one of the state's many hidden gems worth discovering. It has lush tropical jungle, perfect for those vacationers who want to interact with nature.

It also has a stunning coastline and is a playground for fishermen and water sports enthusiasts. Due to the large deposits of bauxite along the coast, the city experienced great economic activity, making it the largest city on the Cape York Peninsula.

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3 airlie beach

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (9)

Stunning view of Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia

A popular destination for sun seekers in Queensland is Airlie Beach. This is a charming resort in the Whitsundays, with pristine beaches such as Boathaven Beach and Whitehaven Beach where guests can enjoy a day out.

It also has a relaxed and calm atmosphere for holidaymakers to recharge their batteries before returning to normal life. It's no accident that there are so many exciting things to see and doThe most beautiful cities in Australia.

2 Port Douglas

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (10)

Beach house in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

There is no doubt that Port Douglas is an exciting destination on Queensland's Coral Sea coast. It is the perfect starting point for adventurers looking to explore the Great Barrier Reef. It also has a number of luxury beach resorts, making it an ideal holiday destination not only in Australia but around the world.

Romantics love to vacation here just for the chance to enjoy magical sunrises and steamy tropical adventures. Nature lovers will be amazed by attractions such as the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, the Rainforest Habitat and the Port Douglas Daintree.

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1 Slow down

10 of the most beautiful small towns in Queensland, Australia (11)

Rainforest in Maleny, Queensland

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience a peaceful country retreat in Maleny, one of Queensland's most beautiful towns for tourists. It is a picturesque town in the heart of Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Over the years it has grown from a logging town to a dairy and fruit producing center in Australia.

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Here, outdoor enthusiasts can spend time hiking in the Mary Cairncross Reserve or swimming in the picturesque Gardeners Falls. Adventure seekers can enjoy breathtaking views from McCarthy Lookout.


What is the most beautiful town in Queensland? ›

9 Charming Country Towns Just A Short Drive From Brisbane
  1. Canungra, Scenic Rim. View this post on Instagram. ...
  2. Tamborine Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland. View this post on Instagram. ...
  3. Maleny, Sunshine Coast. ...
  4. Montville, Sunshine Coast. ...
  5. Maryvale, Southern Downs. ...
  6. Warwick, Southern Downs. ...
  7. Kilcoy, Somerset. ...
  8. Mount Alford, Scenic Rim.

Where is prettiest town Australia? ›

To cut to the chase, here are the most beautiful towns in Australia that will have you skipping the cities.
  1. 1 Robe, South Australia.
  2. 2 Merimbula, New South Wales. ...
  3. 3 Bright, Victoria. ...
  4. 4 Margaret River, Western Australia. ...
  5. 5 Lorne, Victoria. ...
  6. 6 Alice Springs, Northern Territory. ...
  7. 7 Bellingen, New South Wales. ...
  8. 8 Queenstown, Tasmania. ...
Mar 1, 2023

What are the nicest country towns in Australia? ›

Byron Bay, Port Fairy, Margaret River, Port Douglas, Airlie Beach, Quorn, Alice Springs, Katherine, Rottnest Island, and Denmark are the 10 best country towns to live in Australia.

What is the least popular town in Australia? ›

Cooladdi Queensland
Coordinates26.6402°S 145.4619°E
Population7 ( SAL 2021)
8 more rows

What is the happiest town in Queensland? ›

Queensland's 'happiness hotspots' revealed

Queenslanders living in the heart of the River city, or in the Redlands, are enjoying the best quality of life the state has to offer, according to researchers.

What is the safest town in Queensland? ›

Safest suburbs in Brisbane

Data released from Queensland Police (https://www.police.qld.gov.au/maps-and-statistics) in August 2022 revealed the safest postcodes within the city. Those postcodes are: 4170 Morningside, Cannon Hill, Norman Park and Seven Hills.

What town has the best climate in Australia? ›

The city of Perth has the best weather/climate in Australia. The city enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild but wet winters. Perth is also the sunniest capital city in Australia and is considered one of the hottest experiencing over 250+ days of sunny blue skies.

Where is the happiest place to live in Australia? ›

Australians over 65, who live in Queensland, own a house and pet are the happiest people in the country, according to new NAB insights.

What is the number 1 tourist town in Australia? ›

The central western NSW town of Mudgee has taken out top honours at a national tourism towns awards ceremony for the second year running. The winners of the Top Tourism Towns 2022, presented by the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC), were announced at ceremony at Parliament house on Tuesday.

What is the richest small town in Australia? ›

The postcode 6710, which covers a slice of North-Western Australia from the Pilbara town of Cane to the coastal town of Onslow, is officially Australia's richest, with residents earning a median wage of $2,000 a week, or $104,000 a year.

What is the most lovable city in Australia? ›

Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in Australia if you wish to live abroad in a major city.

What is the most underrated city in Australia? ›

Off the Beaten Track: Australia's Most Underrated Destinations
  • Hobart, Tasmania. ...
  • Adelaide, South Australia. ...
  • Broome, Western Australia. ...
  • Kangaroo Island, South Australia. ...
  • Newcastle, New South Wales. ...
  • Montague Island, New South Wales. ...
  • Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

What is the most liveable city in Queensland? ›

“The most highly liveable areas, in particular, were centred around inner and middle Brisbane,” the analysis found.

Are people in Queensland happier? ›

Queensland also claimed the title of the country's happiest state.

What is the cold town in Queensland? ›

Climate. Owing to its elevation, Stanthorpe features a subtropical highland climate (Cfb). At an altitude of 811 metres (2,661 ft), Stanthorpe holds the record for the lowest temperature recorded in Queensland at −10.6 °C (12.9 °F) on 23 June 1961.

Where is the best place to retire in Queensland? ›

Why is Caloundra one of the best places to retire? Caloundra on Queensland's Sunshine Coast has been a popular retirement destination for decades. With Brisbane being accessible by a short drive, and year-round sunny weather, it's not hard to see why.

What part of Queensland has the best weather? ›

North Queensland is home to some of the best weather year round that Australia has to offer. Its sunny days, warm waters, cool ocean breezes and generally comfortable climate are part of what make it such a popular holiday destination.

What town in Queensland has the lowest crime rate? ›

According to the Queensland Police, suburbs like Chuwar, Brookfield, Kenmore Heights, and Upper Kedron have among the lowest crime rates, and have the least number of criminal offences in terms of robbery and assault.

How can I move to Australia from USA? ›

Keep reading to learn the most important things you need to know to plan a move to Australia.
  1. Migration Agents Can Help. ...
  2. Look for Employment in Australia. ...
  3. Apply For an Australian Visa. ...
  4. Purchase Health Insurance for Living in Australia. ...
  5. Get Quotes for and Hire an International Moving Company. ...
  6. Find a Home in Australia.

Where is the best place to live in Australia with climate change? ›

Tasmania scored highly in the report in terms of its climate, electricity supply, agricultural resources and population density. The study states that rising populations and energy use have led to climate change, increased risk of pandemics and ecological destruction.

Where is the best affordable place to live in Australia? ›

5 Cheapest Places to Live in Australia
  • Adelaide. Bursting with culture, events, entertainment, and flavor, Adelaide is regarded as Australia's food and wine capital. ...
  • Cairns. The city of Cairns in northern Queensland lies some 2500 km north of Adelaide. ...
  • Sunshine Coast. ...
  • Geelong. ...
  • Perth.

Where is the healthiest place to live in Australia? ›

Overall, Adelaide and the Gold Coast offer Australia's best environments for healthy living. Where the Gold Coast is slightly ahead on healthy restaurants, Adelaide offers better access to gyms, however both cities had strong results across all metrics.

What part of Australia is warm all year round? ›

Australia is enormous, with a wide range of climates. The northern states are typically warm year-round, while the southern states have cooler winters. December to February is summer; March to May is autumn; June to August is winter; and September to November is spring.

Where is the most humid place in Australia? ›

The heaviest rainfalls and highest humidity are in the northwest of the country at the Pacific Ocean. New South Wales and Queensland on the western coast to the Pacific Ocean lie in a subtropical climate zone. This means a high humidity almost all year round with higher temperatures and pronounced rainy seasons.

Is Australia happier than the US? ›

The United Nations process the annual World Happiness Report to understand what happiness is and how it affects our lives, cultures and economy. Australia is ranked under 12, Canada 15 and the United States is 16th and a popular destination for most South Africans, the United Kingdom is 17th.

Why are Australians so happy? ›

In Australia, after 15 years of research, they've been able to conclude that on the whole, Australians are pretty happy thanks to three key elements dubbed the golden triangle: financial security, good relationships and a sense of purpose. However, these three elements must work together in order to achieve happiness.

Where do most Australians move to? ›

2010 ('000)2020 ('000)
New Zealand517.78564.84
1 more row
Apr 23, 2021

Which Australian city has the most Americans? ›

Concentrations of American-born residents were in Sydney (16,339), Melbourne (11,130), Brisbane (6,057), Perth (5,558), Adelaide (2,862), and Canberra (1,970).

What is the unfriendliest town in Australia? ›

Melbourne: Australia's bustling cities of Sydney and Melbourne have been voted as the "most unfriendly and unsafe" places to live in by over 6,000 overseas students, according to a latest survey.

What is the safest town in Australia to live? ›

1. Canberra – Australia's Capital City. Nestled between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is not only the capital but also Australia's safest city. With a low crime rate and a small-town vibe, Canberra offers an attractive blend of city living and peaceful suburban life.

Which state in Australia has the most beautiful beaches? ›

South Australia's Kangaroo Island is enveloped by picture-perfect beaches, with Vivonne Bay Beach often dubbed the most beautiful.

Which coast of Australia is best? ›

The west coast of Australia is often overlooked by tourists, who would rather visit the more fast-paced hot spots on the east coast. However, Western Australia actually boasts some of the most amazing scenery, beaches, and overall good vibes in the country.

What is the greenest place in Australia? ›

Brisbane is one of the greenest cities in Australia, boasting more than 10,000 hectares of parks and nature reserves.

What is the best small town in Australia 2023? ›

1. Albury, NSW. The vibe: A cosy country getaway full of arts, crafts and artisanal products made with heart. This NSW border town nabs the top spot on the list.

What is the least visited state in Australia? ›

Tasmania. Tasmania is not part of the mainland itself, but an island to the South of it. For that reason, it's one of the least visited parts of Australia. Many people have never even heard of Tasmania.

What country sends the most tourists to Australia? ›

Number of international visitors to Australia FY 2022, by country of residence. In financial year 2022, there were around 177 thousand visitors to Australia that were residents of New Zealand. Visitors from India were the second highest group of visitors at just below 130 thousand.

Where do millionaires live in Australia? ›

No suburb in the country features a greater concentration of members of The List – Australia's Richest 250 than Toorak, where Melbourne's wealthiest families have gathered for decades. Think historic looking mansions guarded by large hedges set back from the street to ensure privacy.

What is the poorest town in Australia? ›

Mungallala Methodist Church was built in 1964. It has now closed. In 2016, the Australian Taxation Office listed Mungallala as having the lowest mean taxable income by postcode, making it the poorest town in Australia, which led the ABC to do a documentary on the town for their online "storyhunters" program.

What Australian towns pay you to live there? ›

The Queensland town of Quilpie is offering those who permanently move there $13,000—the equivalent of a plot of land. Far, far south in the land down under, is a small Australian town with year-round sunshine that wants YOU to live there, and will happily pay you $13,000 to do so.

What is the most friendly state in Australia? ›

South Australia has been crowned Australia's most considerate state! South Australians have been found to be the most likely to consider other people's needs, according to the Helga's Kindness Index, a first-of-its-kind report examining the state of kindness in the country.

Where do most Australian citizens live? ›

Population. NSW has the highest population of any state in Australia, with 8,153,000 residents as of 30 June 2022. Nearly a third of all Australians live in NSW, with most living in the Greater Sydney region.

Which Australian city has the best outdoors? ›

Perth has more hours of sunshine than other Australian city. The over 2 million residents have an amazing outdoor lifestyle – surf beaches, Swan River and Kings Park (400 hectare of protected park and bushland). From its beautiful weather to its endless daytrip options, Perth has plenty to offer its locals.

What is the quiet city in Australia? ›

Wahroonga in New South Wales

The suburb of Wahroonga was named after the aboriginal word 'our home'. The area is one of the quietest places in Australia to live. It is suitable for people raising a family, students, or for single residents.

What is the hippie city in Australia? ›

Byron Bay is Australia's most hippie town, and you can have a taste of that lifestyle popping by the little car park next to the main beach (in front of Fishheads).

Which Australian city is most like New York? ›

Sydney probably has the most similarities to New York out of the two.

What is the rich suburb in Queensland? ›

Topping off the list of the most expensive suburbs in Queensland is Teneriffe. Northeast of Brisbane CBD, Teneriffe is located 2.5 kilometres away. This suburb was once an industrial area. It underwent gentrification to become one of the finest suburbs in Queensland.

Which part of Queensland has the best climate? ›

North Queensland is home to some of the best weather year round that Australia has to offer. Its sunny days, warm waters, cool ocean breezes and generally comfortable climate are part of what make it such a popular holiday destination.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Queensland? ›

#1: Bundaberg – the cheapest place to live in Queensland

Considered the cheapest place to live in Queensland, Bundaberg South features a robust economy, elevated infrastructure spending, and affordable homes. The median house price in the suburb is less than $300,000.

Where is the quietest place to live in Queensland? ›

Upper Caboolture In Queensland is a perfect place for lovers of a quiet environment. Apart from being a peaceful and relaxing area, it also provides residents with important amenities. There are lots of medical facilities and educational institutions in Upper Caboolture.

Where do rich Australians live? ›

No suburb in the country features a greater concentration of members of The List – Australia's Richest 250 than Toorak, where Melbourne's wealthiest families have gathered for decades. Think historic looking mansions guarded by large hedges set back from the street to ensure privacy.

What are the richest small towns in Australia? ›

Towns such as Moranbah, Dysart, Glenden, May Downs Middlemount, Tieri and Blackwater made the list of wealthy areas.

Which village in Australia is the richest? ›

What are the richest suburbs in Australia? The highest-earning suburbs in Australia are Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove in Western Australia, based on the ATO's latest taxation figures.

How hot is Queensland in winter? ›

Winter (June – August)

Brisbane's weather in winter is generally dry and mild with mean temperatures between 11 - 21°C (51.8 - 69.8°F). Early mornings and nights can be crisp, but overnight lows rarely drop below 9°C (48.2°F).

Is Queensland too hot in summer? ›

Queensland is one of the warmest regions in Australia with an average daily high temperature of 30 degrees. The climate is very warm with an annual average of 30 degrees, but has few truly tropical and muggy months. It is warm to hot all year round, inviting bathing at average water temperatures of 26 degrees.

Is Queensland hot or cold? ›

Queensland. Queensland experiences warm summers and mild winters. Average summer and winter temperatures in Brisbane range from 9°C (48°F) and 29°C (84°F), while temperatures in Cairns average between 17°C (62°F) and 31°C (87°F).

What is the most peaceful city in Australia? ›

1. Canberra – Australia's Capital City. Nestled between Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is not only the capital but also Australia's safest city. With a low crime rate and a small-town vibe, Canberra offers an attractive blend of city living and peaceful suburban life.

Which state in Australia is the best to live in? ›

Best Places to Live in Australia
1AdelaideSouth Australia
3CanberraAustralian Capital Territory
2 more rows
Feb 14, 2023


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