Brightwater Temporary and Contract Area (2023)

How quickly can Brightwater provide a temp for a client?

We generally require very little notice to provide temporary coverage.

Brightwater Associate Director Emma Anglim, who is directly responsible for our Business Support department, which includes office staff and customer service, is typically in the office or on call by 7am each morning. Brightwater typically receives calls at 7:30 or 8:00 am. M. from employers to say your receptionist has called in sick and they need someone by 9am. Brightwater can typically provide our clients with temporary cover within one to one and a half hours.

Of course it depends on the required experience and skills, but when it comes to a role like receptionist/manager/front desk staff we have a large number of staff with references available at short notice. These individuals have done a significant amount of work for Brightwater clients in the past and we have had very positive feedback on them so they would be a reliable source for reporting.

What types of companies would use temporary workers?

There are no limits to the type of company that requires temporary employees in commercial support or in the office. We've seen requests for temps from all types of companies, from small businesses with 10 employees or fewer, to SMEs and large multinationals.

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When it comes to meeting the needs of the temporary or contract staffing industry, Brightwater sees high demand across all types of industries, particularly legal and financial services. Currently there is a big push for temporary work in public institutions, but honestly the demand for temporary workers comes from all parts of the industry.

How long would temporary roles last?

At Brightwater we are often asked about the duration of temporary positions. Temporary roles can last from half a day to a day and sometimes up to tenure.

We get calls from employers looking for employees to cover vacation, sick leave, or just a heavy project workload. Sometimes we get calls to hire temps just for the day as needed. The default would be one day to one week and a duration of up to six months.

We have seen a high demand for sick leave which can last 1 to 2 days and sometimes up to a week. However, temporary roles can be fluid, lasting as little as 1 day initially, with a view to a longer term as needed.

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Why does an employer need temporary workers?

There are a number of reasons why an employer would hire temporary workers.

  • Sick leave cover: Temporary workers are often used to cover sick leave, with a fairly indefinite period of time, from 1 to days without a fixed end.
  • Busy Projects - This could mean that the company is implementing a new system where existing employees are moved to a specific project; Therefore, employers must hire temporary workers to cover the work that needs to be done in the meantime.
  • Seasonal Needs – Depending on the time of year and the industry (summer or winter), some periods can be busier than usual, so employers tend to hire temporary workers to ensure all needs are met.
  • Maternity Contracts: The inclusion of temporary coverage in maternity contracts is common and represents many of our contractual functions. Temporary workers are hired on a fixed-term or contract basis.
  • Relief – For temp workers, this often means clearing a backlog of administrative work. This allows managers and senior staff to focus on more strategic tasks, but day-to-day administrative work takes a back seat.

What type of temporary staff does Brightwater Business Support offer?

Brightwater's Business Support Division recruits for a variety of administrative and office support roles across a variety of industries. The temporary and contract positions we are hiring for include general management which includes administrators, personal assistants, executive assistants through to office management level. We see quite a lot of demand for legal administrators, especially legal PAs, in the legal sector. The level and range of temporary roles covered would be quite broad, from data entry level through administration/front desk to senior operations and operational management.

What are the advantages of temporary workers?

There are numerous reasons why employers want to hire temporary workers. One of the main reasons why it can be considered a verdict on both sides without much compromise. When an employer hires someone on a temporary basis, they can be paid through Brightwater. That means if the person or role doesn't work, they can be terminated with immediate effect. There is no obligation on the part of the candidate (temporary employee) or the client (employer). An employer may temporarily hire someone for a specific period of time (a week or a month) to see if they are a good fit for the company, if they have the right skills and if they can increase your bottom line if the role is in an administrative one , reception or PA capacity. It's essentially a big, no-commitment test.

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Another reason employers might hire on a temporary rather than permanent basis is that they may have limitations on the number of employees. There may be a position there, but the parent company may not have switched from headcount to tenure. When the company temporarily hires someone who is being paid by a third party like Brightwater, that person doesn't appear on the company's payroll, which is a great advantage.

How often do small businesses use temporary workers?

Many SMEs came to us looking for temporary and contract workers. Hiring on this basis gives small and medium-sized businesses the flexibility and opportunity to increase headcount and expand their workforce without a firm commitment. They may not have the budget to hire a permanent employee and this gives them the flexibility to do so. Employers can try someone on a temporary basis (week by week) and see how it works. After assessing whether the person holding the temporary position can add value or make a positive contribution to the company, they have a business case to present to the board or senior management. If they can show that this person has achieved X, Y, Z benefitting the company, they can be approved to hire the position permanently.

How long does the recruitment process take?

The process is very smooth and fluid. From Brightwater's perspective, our resources typically make the hiring process much easier and faster. We have our own in-house finance, administration and IT teams to support us in the recruitment process.

Once we have established the requirements for the temporary role with the employer and verified all aspects of compliance such as: Things like the Agency Workers Directive and Miscellaneous Act, Brightwater can change things very quickly.

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Depending on the role and duration of the contract/temporary need, it may require 1-2 hours notice for a full day or 24-48 hours for a longer term need to recruit someone for temporary employment.

Brightwater's Corporate Support department has an excellent pool of candidates, many of whom have worked for us on a temporary basis. Our consultants have met them personally and we have 2 references each on file and we know the quality of their work in similar industries/companies.


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