Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (2023)

The American toy manufacturer Mattel introduced us to the fascinating world of Hot Wheels in 1968 and provided us with a variety of model cars. Since Hot Wheels came out, many automakers have licensed scale models of their cars. Since these are true-to-scale models, they are manufactured according to the original plans of the automobile manufacturer in order to ensure the greatest possible precision.

Although originally intended for children and teenagers, Hot Wheels have become popular with adult collectors for whom limited edition models are available.

most people seehot tiresCars like toys that can be found at any local $1 store. From time to time, however, a toy intended for children turns out to be a coveted collector's item. This is usually due to how rare they are, as Hot Wheels has produced some models in minimal numbers making them hard to find. Some were also unique collectibles that shine very well. The original packaging really helps add value to these collectibles.

There were dozens of these Hot Wheels that are now worth thousands of dollars. And others easily reach five figures among serious collectors. Some even reach six-figure highs at major auctions and collectibles. These are the 10 best Hot Wheels car models that cost more than some real cars.

Updated October 2022: This article has been updated due to the popularity of the Hot Wheels topic and to reflect how the top 10 list has changed.

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10/101974 Blue Dodger

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (1)

This Hot Wheels 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger, based on a 1973 Dodger Charger SE, is usually found in Enamel Plum color with a black interior, and there are some with white interiors, but only a small number were made in this color combination.

However, the blue painted 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger model car is particularly rare and what makes it so rare is the fact that only seven examples were built. Curiously, all seven models ended up with an English collector. If you're lucky enough to find one of these special muscle cars, it can go for around $8,000. Not bad for a toy.

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9/101968 Python-based "Cheetah"

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (2)

This model was manufactured in the US and Hong Kong based on a 1963 model adapted by Bill Cushenberry. A 1960 Pontiac and a 1961 Corvair were used to style the 1968 Python.

Besides the orange paint job that makes this model rare, take a look at the underside of the car. If all you have is the standard Mattel/Hot Wheels logos, don't get carried away as it's not that expensive. if the word"Cheetah" is written on it, is one of nine made and is worth a dime. This is because these models were made before it was discovered that "Cheetah" was actually aChevrolet Corvette racing caralready registered in the name of a GM manager. And so the name of the model changed to Python. Some variants include an international version in rainbow colors, but the most common color for this car model is Hong Kong Red. If you can find one in the very rare orange, you can find it worth around $10,000.

8/101969 Ed Shaver Azul AMX

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (3)

New to the list is the Hot Wheels-based 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX two-seater muscle car manufactured by AMC. This particular model was designed by Ira Gilford, who worked at the American toy company Mattel and designed Hot Wheels model cars.

The 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX was made in the USA with a stunning white interior. To celebrate Mattel's association with Ed Shaver, a custom AMX model was released, best recognized by its decals. One of these editions can cost around $10,000.

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7/101971 Purple Olds 442

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (4)

One of the rarest of the first line of Hot Wheels,this modelIt was made for Hong Kong factories and markets only and was not distributed to the United States.

It is a 'Redline' car, making it very rare among collectors as it was built between 1968 and 1977. During this period of manufacture, the wheels on these models featured a red stripe, hence the "Redline" name. Adding to its rarity is the purple color along with the blue and white Stars and Stripes motif. Combine that with low production numbers and the 442 could fetch well over $12,000 for the lucky owner.

6/10Brown custom charger 1969

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (5)

The 1969 Brown Custom Charger is another awesome model car by Hot Wheels designer Ira Gilford based on an actual 1969 Dodge Charger.

Hot Wheels always stands out in multiple colors on some cars, but it stands out when a model is much less common in just one color. Brown isn't the sort of color you would typically wear on a muscle car, which is what makes it stand outthis custom brown charger from 1969a rare and unique piece.

It's believed to be a prototype not intended for mass production, but this is the only time a normally drab color like brown might be desirable, which is why it's worth around $13,000.


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5/101970 crazy hipster

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (6)

The Mad Maverick is actually based on a 1969Ford-Rebell🇧🇷 Introduced in 1970, production of this beautiful sports car ended in 1977. Particularly rare are the 'Mad Maverick' variants that released this name under the car model; However, due to trademark approvals, the name was changed to Mighty Maverick prior to release. for the public.

Only five of these models are known: two blue, one red, one purple, and one stripped down and unpainted. Because of this rarity, an original version can fetch a high price as long as the collector knows it is indeed a real bargain. But collectors are really crazy about this rare but wonderful toy and can pay up to £13,000 for this model.

4/101968 on chrome Camaro

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (7)

it's another gemHot Wheels 1968 Collection🇧🇷 Over Chrome Antifreeze version was produced to support advertising campaigns. With only two copies produced, these model cars are particularly collectible. They were also made to shine to set them apart from other toy companies. The Camaro is one of the rarest models, and a good example can fetch around $25,000 for a lucky owner.

3/101968 in the chrome Mustang

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (8)
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Makes sensethe toy version of a legendary muscle carit becomes an achievement in itself. Although Hot Wheels has made many Mustangs over the years, this particular Mustang car model is limited to two for promotional purposes only.

The details are great, like an opening hood that reveals a perfectly replicated engine and a special tint for the windows. Apparently one of these rare models was purchased from a private seller and a rarer "watermelon" color is owned by collector Ralph Antone. A pristine model can cost $40,000, a fitting tribute to a good muscle car.

2/102008 40th Anniversary Diamond Set Otto Custom

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (9)

This baby was created for the 2008 New York Toy Fairit was worth $140,000 when it was made,and possibly more. Celebrate40th anniversary of Mattel, Hot Wheels prepared a giftJason de Beverly Hills🇧🇷 This roadster replica is cast in 18k white gold and includes over 2,700 diamonds and red rubies for the taillights. Currently in the hands of a private collector, it's worth around $60,000 - a Hot Wheels car that really shines on the road.

But wait, there's more...

1/10VW 1969 rosa Strandpumpe

Here are the 10 most expensive Hot Wheels cars. (10)
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It might be a great idea, but yes, this pink toy, the Holy Grail of Hot Wheels model cars, is worth more than a pair of actual Ferraris. The reason is that only two of these cars were produced in 1969. They produced two models before realizing that the board protruding from the stern was causing it to become unbalanced.

While other colors were also made, pink was the rarest of the group. It is now owned byCollector by Bruce Pascalwho owns the most expensive Hot Wheels car in the world and whose value continues to rise. Currently, you can expect to pay $175,000 for one of these toys.


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