Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Nile - the joys of less travel (2023)

Your daily itinerary is a partial list of your trips. The itineraries below are subject to change as needed to achieve as much as possible in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the best in the limited time we have.Glenn LawsonNo travel to Egypt or Jordan will take place. Since he is not a licensed Egyptian or Jordanian driver, he is not allowed to teach in those two countries. We have wonderful local guides who will be with us during our stay in Egypt and Jordan. In Israel, a licensed driver is not required for on-site lessons. Glenn Rawson will be doing all of his teaching in Israel, so you won't miss any of his lectures.

Day 1: October 18: Fly to Cairo, Egypt
Today, everyone will be taking our international flight to Cairo, Egypt.

Day 2: October 19: Cairo
We arrived in Cairo late this evening. After clearing customs in Cairo, Egypt, we will be transferred to our hotel.

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Day 3: October 20: Cairo
We will leave later this morning as we arrived in Cairo very late. We will visit the Cairo Museum, home to the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world, including Tutankhamun's treasures. Then we will return to the hotel and spend the night.

Day 4: October 21: Cairo – Abu Simbel – More
This morning we will fly to Abu Simbel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There we will see the impressive temples of Abu Simbel, which include a large temple dedicated to Ramses II and a smaller temple dedicated to his wife, Queen Nefertari. Then we will fly to Aswan. Upon arrival we will be transferred to our Nile cruise ship.

Day 5: October 22: Aswan – Come Ombo – Edfu – Luxor
This morning you will sail to the Philae Islands, where there is a temple dedicated to Isis. We will then sail the Nile to Kom Ombo and the Edfu Temple.


Day 6: October 23: Luxor
Luxor is more impressive than Cairo and the pyramids! You will be amazed by its grandeur, its monumental architecture and its excellent state of preservation. This morning we will visit the Valley of the Kings, where the tombs of the Pharaohs are located. In the afternoon we will visit the best site in Egypt: Karnak! We will also visit the Luxor Temple before returning to the cruise ship.

Day 7: October 24: Cairo
We will fly to Cairo this afternoon. Upon arrival in Cairo, we will be transferred to our hotel.

Day 8: October 25: Cairo – Amman
Today we will conclude our tour in Cairo. We will visit the Pyramids, built more than 4,000 years ago, the last remaining wonders of the ancient world. Then we will see the Sphinx. After the tour, we will transfer to Cairo airport to catch a flight to Amman, Jordan. This flight is not included in the tour price but must be purchased at Fun For Less Tours. Price $349. Upon arrival in Amman, check-in at the hotel.

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Day 9: October 26: Petra
This morning we will head to Petra, recently named a "Wonder of the World". "We will walk through narrow gorges and admire the magnificent view of the Treasury, Petra's most famous monument. You will have time to visit this fascinating city carved into the cliffs of the gorge and experience some of the finest ruins in the world. Return to Amman then overnight.

Day 10: October 27: Amman – Galilee
This morning we will enter Israel. After crossing the border, we will make a quick stop to take pictures of the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Above the desert floor dominates the Masada fortress of Herod the Great, which we will visit by cable car. During the Jewish Revolt of 70 AD, Masada's defenders committed suicide before being captured by the Romans. We also plan to go swimming in the Dead Sea. Then we will go to Galilee where we will spend the next 3 nights.

Day 11: October 28: Galilee
Today's journey takes us north of the Sea of ​​Galilee. We begin by visiting Capernaum, where many wonderful events and teachings of the Savior took place. Then we stop at the Mount of Beatitudes, where we will reflect on the great truths that Jesus conveyed in the Sermon on the Mount. Drive to Tel Dan, Israel's northernmost point. Here Jeroboam set up a golden calf for the worship of the Israelites, paving the way for the end of the "ten lost tribes." The restored walls and gates give us a good look at the fortifications Joshua faced as he conquered the land. We will visit Banias, known as Caesarea Philippi at the time of Jesus, where he asked his disciples: "Who do you say that I am?" At the end of the day, we will return to our hotel in Galilee. Our day wouldn't be complete without a boat trip on the Sea of ​​Galilee where we could talk about Jesus walking on water and calming storms.

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Day 12: October 29: Nazareth – Galilee
Today we head to the top of Mount Carmel, where Elijah's historic confrontation with the priests of Baal ended in dramatic fashion. We continued our journey to Nazareth, the home of the Savior's life for thirty years. We will visit the Cliff Mountains, from Nazareth there is a panoramic view of the Jezreel Valley dominated by Mount Tabor, where we will talk about the Transfiguration of the Savior. Today we will also visit the Arbel cliffs overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Day 13: October 30: Caesarea – Bethlehem – Jerusalem
This morning, as we head for the Mediterranean, our attention now turns to the apostles Peter and Paul as we discover Caesarea. Here, the Roman centurion Cornelius became the first Gentile to convert to Christianity, and Paul recounted his vision on the Damascus road to King Agrippa. We will visit a picturesque ancient Roman aqueduct that allows you to walk in the Mediterranean Sea. We conclude our visit to Caesarea at the Roman Theater and Arena where chariot races were held. Then we will visit Bethlehem, where we will remember the wonderful story of the birth of the Savior recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and repeated every Christmas. We will walk to the Church of the Nativity and sing Christmas carols. We will have time to shop at the best Olive Wood store in Israel, Nissan Brother in Bethlehem.

Day 14: October 31: Jerusalem
Today our attention turns to the Old City of Jerusalem. We will explore the ruins located on the south face of the Temple Mount, where you can walk along the paths and steps from the time of Jesus. We will climb the Temple Mount, where the Temples of Solomon and Herod once stood, and where the magnificent Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque are now located. We will stop at the Western Wall, the holiest site of the Jewish faith. You can write a sentence on a piece of paper, stick it in a crack in the wall like a million times and be done. We will then proceed to the New City of Jerusalem to visit the Temple of the Bible where the Dead Sea Scrolls are located and the model city, which is a reproduction of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. The day will end at your hotel in Jerusalem.

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Day 15: November 1: Jerusalem – Beit Lehi
We will pass through Hezekiah's tunnel, built more than 2,500 years ago to secure Jerusalem's water supply during the Assyrian siege. Tunnels require a flashlight. Finally, we found the pool of Siloam, where the man born blind bathed as Jesus told him and came out to see. We then head to Beit Lehi to experience a hands-on archaeological dig. Our visit to Bertlech included beautiful early Christian mosaics, oil mills, a mikvah (ritual baths) and a recently discovered columbarium where thousands of doves were kept for temple sacrifice. There is also a New Testament period stable that will give you one of the best settings for the birth of the Savior. We will also stop at the Valley of Elah, where David fights Goliath on the way back to Jerusalem.

Day 16: November 2: Jerusalem
Today, we reach the spiritual climax of our pilgrimage as we retrace the steps of the last hours of our Savior's life and feel the deep gratitude these places have created for the sacrifice of the Son of God. We begin at Mount Zion, the traditional location of the Upper Room, where the Last Supper was shared with the pious Apostles. We visited San Pedro in Gallicantu, probably the place where the rooster crowed, and the palace of Caiaphas, where Jesus was tried. From there we descend to the Kidron Valley to visit the garden of Gethsemane, the garden of the deepest prayers of the Savior. In the afternoon we will enter the old city and continue the last hours of the life of Sotiros. We will visit the Church of St. Anne where the Bethesda Pool is located. Here Jesus tells the lame man to take up his bed and walk. We visited the Monastery of the Sisters of Sion, where the fortress of Antonia was located where Pilate dealt with the Savior. Our culminating day concludes at Calvary and the Garden Tomb, where we will have time to reflect on Christ's resurrection and final victory. In the late afternoon, we will head to Tel Aviv airport for our flight back to the US. (hotel not included tonight).

Day 17: November 3: Fly home
We will be flying back to the US this morning.

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What is the best month to visit Egypt and Jordan? ›

"February to May and September to early November are ideal times to visit both countries. The weather is not extremely hot, and it doesn't get too cold or wet. Travelling in May and September are particularly good months in Egypt as prices are cheaper than high season from October to April."

How many days to visit Egypt and Jordan? ›

I would recommend a full 7 days in Egypt, and then you can decide how many days/what to see for your time in Jordan. I also recommend traveling to Egypt first and then Jordan. My reasoning for this is because Jordan is less chaotic/stressful to travel through + there's the Dead Sea!

How many days in Jordan is enough? ›

To experience everything Jordan has to offer, the ideal stay would be of around 2 weeks. Nevertheless, 7 days in Jordan are enough to have a good understanding of the country's culture and diverse landscapes as well as visiting its main cultural attractions.

What time of year is cheapest to go to Jordan? ›

December is the best time for budget travelers

'Tis the season for budget travelers. Although December tends to be the high holiday season in many destinations, the cooler weather keeps many travelers away from Jordan. Come prepared with your cold weather gear, especially if you'll be staying in unheated Bedouin tents.

How much money do you need for 10 days in Egypt? ›

If you follow our 10-day Egypt itinerary, you can expect to pay 6,400 EGP (which is $215 USD in January 2023) in entrance fees, if you include the additional tombs, such as the tombs of Nefertari and Seti I.

How many days do you need in Israel and Jordan? ›

Our conclusion is that we could see the most important things of Israel and Jordan in 10 days. Also, unhurried and with time for bathing in the Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea and Red Sea. Yes, it is a trip for travelers, not to be lying in the sun bed. Also for leisure and enjoyment of local culture and cuisine.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt and Jordan now? ›

What is this? In a nutshell, Egypt is a safe country to visit. While they have had conflict in the past, that is not a present concern for locals or tourists.

How many days do you need in Israel? ›

Ten days to two weeks are probably the best length of time to get a good feel for Israel, allowing you to tour around and spend a few days in the major tourist destinations of Jerusalem, the Galilee, the Dead Sea, and Tel Aviv. Tourist Israel has package tours available for different lengths of stays in Israel.

What month is best to travel to Jordan? ›

Generally, the best time to visit Jordan is during spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). The weather is more temperate which means you can explore iconic sites like Petra or the Wadi Rum without getting scorched by the sun.

How many days do you need in Petra? ›

Travelers to Jordan typically plan a trip for five to six days when combining Petra with Amman, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. If you're not interested in those extensions, two to three days are enough for your Petra trip.

Should I take cash to Jordan? ›

Jordan is a cash society. In most places (other than top-end hotels and restaurants) the only acceptable method of payment is cash dinars. Dollars and other foreign currencies are generally not accepted. Jordan is also very safe; crime is exceptionally low, and you do not need to worry about carrying cash with you.

How much cash should I bring to Jordan? ›

Jordan is a safe country. We suggest that you bring a $300 in cash and withdraw additional amounts from an ATM or bank if needed. In general, cash is the easiest and most common form of payment.

Can you go to Petra on your own? ›

You can totally visit Petra by yourself—we did! If you're visiting several areas in Jordan, a tour guide and driver may simplify things, but it's certainly not a requirement. You can consider hiring a guide at the entrance to Petra, which I would have considered if we'd had more time.

How much is a can of coke in Egypt? ›

EGP 8.15(Inc.

Is $100 a lot in Egypt? ›

At the current exchange rate, $100 US dollars is equivalent to approximately 1,755. 50 Egyptian pounds.

Do you tip in Egypt? ›

Often known as 'backsheesh' in parts of Asia and the Middle East, tipping is standard practice in Egypt. If you're happy with the service provided by waiters, drivers and other workers, leaving a small tip is a good way to show your appreciation.

What are the peak tourist months in Egypt? ›

Egypt's traditional tourist season runs from late November to late February, seen by most as the best time to visit, though in recent years Luxor and Aswan have only really been busy with tourists during the peak months of December and January.

What is the cheapest month to go to Egypt? ›

The off-season months for traveling to Egypt are July and August due to the hot weather during these months. As a result, flight prices tend to be cheaper during this time as there is less demand for travel.

What is the busiest tourist month in Egypt? ›

The most popular time for tourist is December and January. Tourism in Egypt is booming this time of the year so make sure you plan in advance. March, April, and September are also good months to travel to Egypt if you plan to avoid the crowd.


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