Mac Won't Sleep When Connected to External Monitor - Here are the Solutions! (2023)

Macs are becoming very difficult to use these days. We see other issues from time to time, and Mac often doesn't sleep either. Also, if your Mac doesn't go to sleep, it can damage the battery.

So why is heMac not sleeping when connected to an external monitor?

Disable clamshell mode to enable hibernation when connected to a monitor. You can also use a third-party app like Amphetamine to put your Mac to sleep. This is an alternative to clamshell mode. You can also go to the system settings and set the sleep setting to never.

There is more to learn about each technique. Below we give all the tips and tricks. Also, we have mentioned the process in simple steps.

Troubleshooting Mac Won't Sleep When Connected to an External Display

In this section we will discuss the central theme. After reading this segment, you will get to know the step-by-step guide to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting 1: Disable clamshell mode

Clamshell mode is known as the mode to use when using aexternal monitor. If you're using an external monitor, you might not need to see your Mac's screen. Clamshell mode allows you to do this.

And youmacbook pro sleep with lid closed with external monitor,Is Clamshell mode can help. also works withmacbook air sleep with lid closed with external monitor.

When using Parallels and an external monitor, many people face screen switching. Using clamshell mode also solves the problemMac screen switching when using parallels. So make sure you enable clamshell mode.

(Video) MacBook M1 Not Detecting External Monitor after macOS Monterey Update

This mode can also be turned off when you turn off your Mac. If you are using a Mac 2021 M1, the mode will be activated automatically when you connect a monitor. With older Macs, you don't have to worry about this. Let's see what you can do to stop it.

Step 1 - Click on the Apple logo

On the left side of the screen you will see the Apple logo. Click on the Apple logo. There you will find many settings to choose from.

Step 2 - Select clamshell mode

Once you have connected your external monitor, you will find an option for clamshell mode. Clamshell mode keeps your Mac awake when the lid is closed. Click Clamshell mode to enter the settings.

Step 3 - Disable Shell Mode

If you click on clamshell mode, it will be activated. It is only on when an external monitor is connected.

so youmac only uses an external monitor.You can close the lid and your Mac won't go to sleep. It also stops when yourMac external monitor keeps waking up.

Troubleshooting 2: Check the amphetamine app

Clamshell mode does not work on some older Macs. In this case, many use third-party apps to get the job done. If your Mac has the app, it needs to be activated.

The new Macbooks M1 work perfectly when connected to monitors. But yes,macbook pro sleep with lid closed with big sur external monitor,use amphetamine.

Amphetamine is the most used application by many users. Also, Apple's clamshell mode can degrade faster. This is another reason why many people use third-party apps.

(Video) How to Make it so Your Macbook Doesn't Sleep

Also sometimes theScreen freezes when an external monitor is connected. Using a third-party app mostly solves this problem.

Below we have mentioned the deactivation process in 3 easy steps. Why don't you jump down there?

Step 1 - Click on the app logo on the menu bar

At the top, where the menu bar is, you will find the app's logo. Click on the app's logo to open the drop-down menu. The app's logo looks like a pill.

Step 2: Start a new session

Select Start a new session from the drop-down menu. You can click endlessly to start a new session immediately. Or you can also set a timer or a specific time for the session.

Step 3 - Let the screen go to sleep

When you start a new session, the drop-down menu changes. There you will find 3 checkboxes. One of the boxes says "Put the system to sleep when the screen is closed." If the box is unchecked, click to disable the setting.

In this way, you can put Mac to sleep when the screen is closed. Apart from that, the amphetamine app can do even more. If youMacBook won't sleep when the lid is closedMake sure the lid is closed tightly.

Sometimes those who use a screen saver cannot close their Macbook properly. In this scenario, using an ultra-thin screen protector is the way to go. If you are looking for thin screen protectors, check out the links below.

Supershieldz designed for Apple MacBook Air 13 inchbuy now
Screen protector for MacBook Air 13 inchbuy now
Anti-blue light and anti-glare screen protector compatible with MacBook Air 13buy now

Both screen protectors offer protection and close the lid perfectly.

(Video) Why won't closing the lid sleep my MacBook Pro with external monitor attached after upgrading to...

Troubleshooting 3 - Check your sleep settings

Sometimes the problem seems much bigger than it really is. There is a simple solution for this. Sleep settings can sometimes be manipulated if you connect a different monitor. There are settings you can fix in thesleep settings on mac.

Below we present the solution divided into 5 simple steps.

Step 1 - Click on LaunchPad

First of all, you need to click on Launchpad in the dock below the screen. It takes up your Mac's entire app library.

Step 2 - Choose System Preferences

From the launchpad, locate and select System Preferences. You can also find System Preferences by clicking the Apple logo in the top left corner. In the system settings you will find all the settings you are looking for.

You can also findMac display settings for external monitorin the system settings.

Step 3: Click Battery

You must select a battery in the system settings. In the battery settings you will find all information about your battery. Usually you see the charge level and how quickly the charge was used up.

Step 4 - Select the power supply

On the far left of the battery settings you will see 4 options to choose from. There you need to select a power supply. The power supply option will walk you through all the sleep settings you need to work with.

Step 5 - Move the slider to the appropriate time span

In the power supply settings you will find a slider. The slider indicates when the screen is off. On the far right of the slider is labeled Never. Slide the scale to the left to never. Now your screen will never turn off again.

(Video) Do NOT Shut Down Your Computer! (here's why)

This way you can turn off the screen and your Mac will go to sleep.

frequently asked questions

How do I stop the Mac when it's connected?

To prevent your Mac from sleeping when it's connected, set the screen to never sleep. On the system, preference goes to the battery and then to the power supply. Move the slider all the way to the left where it says Never.

How do I fix Mac not sleeping when lid is closed?

To fix Mac not sleeping when lid is closed, go to System Preferences. Then on battery and then on sleep mode to turn off the screen afterwards. Disable this setting. In addition, a perfectly closed lid ensures that your Mac goes to sleep.

How do I get my Mac to wake up from sleep mode when it's on battery power?

To prevent your Mac from going to sleep while on battery power, first go to System Preferences, then Battery. After that, set the screen to never sleep. In this window you will find a slider. Slide the slider all the way to the left where it's never checked. That way, your Mac won't go to sleep when it's using battery power.

final remark

That's all you need to knowMac won't sleep when connected to an external monitor.

Be sure to use a good HDMI to Thunderbolt converter to ensure good connectivity.

(Video) Apple: How to disable Macbook Pro internal display when using external monitors? (6 Solutions!!)

Good luck with your Mac!


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