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Hey guys!

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We just started onenew major version of MobaXterm(21.0)!

MobaXterm is your ultimate remote computing toolbox: in a single Windows application, it packs a ton of features designed for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators, and just about anyone who needs to manage their remote jobs more easily. MobaXterm offers all the important remote network tools (SSH, X11, WSL, RDP, VNC, FTP, MOSH, ...) for Windows desktop in a single ready-to-use portable exe file. MobaXterm provides a basic Unix-like environment for Windows with an advanced console and can even run WSL distribution on Windows with full X server support.

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This version adds many improvements:

  • sessions- Support for the latest PowerShell 7, support for the latest WSL 2.0 sessions with auto-configured X11 server for graphical applications, improvements to AWS S3 and SFTP sessions
  • Configuration / Customization: This version brings a new feature for import/export settings, the professional customizer also comes with various improvements like SSH banner editing or Wine support for Linux/MacOs
  • terminal- Added many additional glyph symbols in default font for full compatibility with advanced themes like powerlevel-10k, oh-my-zsh and oh-my-bash, improved definition of default syntax highlighting
  • Graphic interface: Improved boot speed, Improved Linux/Max compatibility with Wine, Improved dark mode graphics components, Added additional info especially about X11 server button

In this version, we tried to focus on our users' feedback and implement not only some old wishes, but also some new features.
It takes time to develop all these mods in MobaXterm and it takes even longer to test them, so we wanted that tooMany thanks to all the beta testers and early adopters who downloaded the "Preview" buildsand who shared their comments with us.
There are many other improvements in this version, so the changelog is huge!

full changelog


Version 21.0:

  • new function: You can now select "PowerShell 7" or "Windows PowerShell" in shell session settings
  • new function- Added new "Import/Export Settings" function in the Settings menu, which allows you to backup or share your MobaXterm settings as a single file
  • new function- Added new "Reset Settings" function in Settings menu which allows you to reset all MobaXterm settings or just some specific default settings
  • improvement: Professional customizer is now compatible with Wine, on Linux and Mac OsX
  • improvement- Improved layout of various components in dark mode (checkboxes, comboboxes, ...)
  • improvement: Many components have been themed to look better in Wine
  • improvement: Added support for SSH keys with ED25519 algorithm in SFTP sessions
  • improvement: Filtered out a lot of junk entries from the "Disk Space" section of remote monitoring
  • improvement- Pro Customizer can now embed large plugin files in the generated ZIP file
  • improvement- Professional Customizer can now correctly extract the main executable even if the Windows installer is disabled by third-party software
  • improvement: Professional Customizer lets you edit all session banners that depend on a terminal (SSH, WSL, local terminal, telnet, rlogin)
  • improvement: now you can set the default character set for fonts and select "Use font encoding" as the final character set (useful for special character encodings)
  • improvement: You can now define a specific character set for terminal fonts for each terminal based session
  • improvement: Local terminal prompt now scales if the current path is too long to fit the terminal width
  • improvement- Tweaked SSH browser header to dark theme
  • improvement- Added an improved tooltip and context menu with a list of listening screens to the "X" button on the top toolbar
  • improvement: When the X server is down, its DISPLAY is now reserved to prevent sessions started with a specific DISPLAY from losing it
  • improvement: If the X server is down and an application tries to access it, a pop-up dialog will inform you and allow you to start
  • improvement: Better detection of ownership of each X server and remote monitoring instances when MobaXterm is started in "Multiple Instances" mode
  • improvement: Improved detection of running X server instances to prevent MobaXterm from slowing down
  • improvement- Added "Start Windows Powershell as Administrator" menu item in "Extras" section
  • improvement- Added specific icon for imported putty session folder
  • improvement– Added a session context menu entry that allows automatic detection and import of WSL sessions
  • improvement- Added context menu in the tab bar that allows you to quickly launch a specific shell (bash, cmd, powershell, wsl) or jump to a specific tab
  • improvement: A MobaXterm startup check checks if the CygUtils plugin is out of date
  • improvement- Better recognition of OneDrive folder when its name is in 8.3 format
  • improvement- Sessions shared with SFTP server can now use password protected SSH keys
  • improvement: better automatic default shell detection for each WSL session
  • improvement: Better identification of external program windows that overlap with RDP sessions when they are "always on".
  • improvement- Added information about currently active network connections in the SSH remote monitoring bar
  • improvement- Corrupted text files with UTF-8 BOM header but ANSI encoding are now auto-detected
  • improvement- Improved "RemoteMonitoringCompatibleMode" configuration option that allows the remote monitoring feature to work properly with Fish Shell
  • improvement: Multirun message width adjusted to main window width
  • improvement- Added many hints to show hover help when mouse cursor is over a component
  • improvement: When you use MobaTextEditor's search function and get to the end of the file, the search now resumes at the beginning of the file
  • improvement- Terminal now supports many more font symbols for better compatibility with improved shell prompts like oh-my-zsh and Powerlevel10K
  • improvement- The TCPCapture tool can now be started with a different user account if the current user account is not an administrator
  • improvement: Better identification of the AltGr key to prevent AltGr+Space from being treated as a shortcut Ctrl+Space ("quick macro menu")
  • improvement: Added new "lsfont" tool that prints full character set of font in terminal
  • improvement- Added information about apt-get if you try to run yum, urpmi or emerge command in local terminal
  • improvement: The "Documents" folder can now be selected under the "Libraries" folder in the file picker
  • improvement: Better recognition of all partitions with their corresponding sizes in the remote monitoring bar
  • improvement: now you can change text file encoding in MobaTextEditor or convert text file encodings
  • improvement- Application title is now set after a few milliseconds to prevent MobaXterm from being flooded with requests to change tab title
  • improvement: The %USERNAME% variable now resolves to the local username in a remote SSH command
  • improvement- Improved boot speed and fixed some minor visual glitches in dark mode
  • Bug-Fix– Fixed tab order in global settings and session windows
  • Bug-Fix- If you use the "Quick Search" function and click on the empty part under the "New Session" icon, the "New Session" window will open
  • Bug-Fix- In SSH and FTP/SFTP browser sessions, if you edit a file while clicking on another, a popup will appear asking if you want to change the file name
  • Bug-Fix: In global settings window, scrollbars no longer lose dark theme when changing focus with "TAB" key
  • Bug-Fix- Right-clicking a folder to open the MobaXterm terminal in that folder did not work if the default shell was WSL and MobaXterm was already running
  • Bug-Fix- Tab titles were sometimes incorrect when using extended characters in conjunction with a Windows specific language setting
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed an issue with tab movement when "Focus follows mouse" was set on Windows
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed a slowdown issue when searching for plugins in the customizer
  • Bug-Fix: The "terminal type" setting was not updated correctly when editing a session for the first time
  • Bug-Fix- The screen resolution setting for RDP sessions was not respected if an RDP session was started right after starting MobaXterm
  • Bug-Fix: Fixed a possible redirection ambiguity in the script
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed a possible missing library file in ZSH shell (64-bit) that prevents cmd or powershell from starting correctly
  • Bug-Fix: After selecting a file to upload in the explorer dialog, the parent folder is no longer blocked by MobaXterm
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed a potential issue when reconnecting or mirroring a Telnet or RSH session that uses an SSH gateway
  • Bug-Fix- When closing multiple terminals at the same time, sometimes some of them were missing from the request dialog list
  • Bug-Fix- The duplicate tabs feature now works correctly when duplicating a WSL tab that uses a localhost connection
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed a minor crash with the "Deep" skin when clicking on the "View" menu item
  • Bug-Fix- Fixed random issue with file sizes greater than 4GB in SSH browser when SSH browser mode was set to SCP
  • Bug-Fix: In "Share mode" it is no longer possible to shift focus to an invisible tab when scrolling through tabs with a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Arrow or Ctrl+Tab).
  • Bug-Fix- The slash directory can now be set to the same folder as the application, even if the CygUtils plugin is disabled
  • Bug-Fix: Macro combobox in terminal sessions was out of bounds when Windows DPI setting was at 125%
  • Bug-Fix- If you select multiple sessions and start one of them in the "Recent Sessions" area, all selected sessions will be started

You can download this new version atSite MobaXterm.

thank you againfor your invaluable support, for testing the preview versions, and for your very positive feedback on MobaXterm. This motivates us a lot, thank you!

We hope you enjoy working with this new version of MobaXterm!

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