The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (2023)

If you like walking, hiking and just being in nature, you must check out these amazing tours in Queenstown, New Zealand! Plan your Queenstown walking adventure with this comprehensive guide.

It's known as New Zealand's adventure mecca, and if you're into the outdoors, you've probably already been to Queenstown on the South Island or are planning an epic trip to Queenstown.

This spectacular mountain town on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in the heart of the Remarkables range, is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in the country.

there's no shortage of incrediblesthings to do in queenstown, from bungee jumping to skydiving, sailing and frisbee golf.

The number of activities here is very diverse, but if you like putting one foot in front of the other, you'll love exploring the trails and finding the best walks in Queenstown around the lake and into the mountains.

The area's beauty has to be seen to be believed, and if you want to clear your mind, there are plenty of walks in Queenstown that are both lovely and gentle, allowing you to let go of your stress and worries.

Tiki Trail, Queenstown Hill and Lake Hayes Track are some of the most beautiful day hikes suitable for all ages.

However, if you want your heart racing or simply love a physical challenge, there are more difficult trails like the Ben Lomond Track and plenty of places to stay nearby.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (1)

table of contents

  • Best Walks and Hikes in Queenstown
    • 1) Time Walk Down Queenstown Hill
    • 2) Queenstown-Gartenpfad
    • 3) Sendero Tiki (Sendero Tiki)
    • 4) Ben-Lomond-Track
    • 5) Moonlight Track (em Queenstown)
    • 6) Lake Moke Loop Trail
    • 7) 12 mile glide to Bob's Cove
    • 8) Mount Crichton Loop Trail
    • 9) Kelvin Heights Peninsula Trail
    • 10) Jack's Point
    • 11) Lago-High-Track
  • Arrowtown Hikes and Best Arrowtown Hikes
    • 12) Tobins Spur
    • 13) Sawpit Gully Trail
    • 14) New bait loop
    • 15) Hayes Lake Loop Walk
    • 16) Rock-Peak-Track
    • 17) Brow tip arch
  • Walks in Glenorchy
    • 18) Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway
    • 19) Routeburn Naturspaziergang
    • 20) Lake Sylvan Trail
    • 21) Invincible Gold Mine Trail
  • When is the best time to go hiking in Queenstown?

Best Walks and Hikes in Queenstown

Are you ready to slip on your trekking shoes and explore the best scenery Queenstown has to offer?

Let's dive into our list of the best Queenstown walks and hikes for people of all abilities!

From the Tiki Trail to Queenstown Hill, the Ben Lomond Track, the Lake Hayes Walkway and more, there are many great hiking trails to choose from.

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1) Time Walk Down Queenstown Hill

  • Distance:4.2 kilometers back
  • duration -2-3 hours round trip
  • difficulty -intermediary
  • Start/end points –Belfast Street, downtown Queenstown

If you climb 500 meters on Queenstown Hill, you can see a variety of landscapes and some beautiful views.

Located right in the center of the city, Queenstown Hill makes a great day trip with amazing views and a moderate incline. It's one of the most affordable walks around Lake Wakatipu, and few people visit the unclimbed Queenstown Hill area.

Pass by the 'Dream Basket', a folk sculpture that symbolizes our dreams and aspirations for tomorrow, and six information plaques that represent different eras in the history of this region, from before the arrival of the Maori settlers to the colonial era, and will enrich the your knowledge of the area.

Reaching the top of Queenstown Hill, what better way to end than with a panoramic panoramic view of Lake Wakatipu, which many people visit every year just for its peaceful surroundings.

Located right in the center of the city, the Queenstown Hill Time Walk is a brilliant sunrise walk.

So wake up early and don't miss it! Queenstown Hill is perhaps one of the best things to do in the city.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (2)

2) Queenstown-Gartenpfad

  • distance -3.1 kilometers
  • duration -1.5 hours round trip
  • difficulty -Simply. Accessible for wheelchairs and prams.
  • Start/end point:Queenstown Bay Beach

If you want to experience the true beauty of Queenstown then visit the gardens. The peaceful lakeside sanctuary is home to shaded lawns and benches, a children's playground and plaques commemorating Robert Falcon Scott and William Gilbert Rees, who pioneered the area before it became what we know as a town today.

There are also frisbee golf courses or tennis courts for people to enjoy!

start your tourQueenstown Bay Beachand take thoseTrilha AraroaemQueenstown Gardens.

Here you will find an oasis of tranquility offering shaded pathways through manicured gardens, with plenty of seating amidst lush green foliage while enjoying panoramic views of the lake.

The trail is very popular for its manicured gardens and many people walking their dogs.

At the end of the gardens are some gift shops to browse before heading back to Queenstown via a different route if you wish.

Some visitors prefer to take a boat trip on the lake, which allows you to see the area even better.

Follow the path around the Garden Peninsula and enjoy some of the best views in Queenstown. After exploring all that this gem has to offer, why not visit one of the many cafes for a tasty meal?

If you feel ready, you can continue down the path.Trilha Araroaanother 12 km by bus to Frankton Marina.

The course is well maintained and flat making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It's a shared trail, so beware of cyclists. This is one of the most popular trails on our list.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (3)

3) Sendero Tiki (Sendero Tiki)

  • distance -1,8km
  • duration -1 hour
  • difficulty -Moderate
  • Start/end point –The gondola base station on Brecon Street or at the top of the gondola if you chose to go to the top of the Tiki Trail.

The Tiki Trail is a must-see in Queenstown. Stretch your legs and head through the woods and you'll be rewarded with stunning views of Queenstown and the surrounding lake.

The Tiki Trail is a short but steep trail and starts at the base of the gondola.

The Tiki Trail is covered in forest with very little sun exposure and can be quite challenging in places. But the view is worth it!

If you don't want to go up the Tiki Trail, going down may be better for you. You can take the gondola and then do the trail if you like.

Start at the base of the gondola and make your way through the trees, where there are several lookout points along the way.

Please note that this is a common route. Mountain bikers use the Tiki trail too, so be careful and watch out for them.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, if you reach the top ofgondolaNoSkyrail observation areaCheck out the views and you can even bungy jump over Queenstown after walking the Tiki Trail.

Once you reach the top, you can stay there to watch the sunset and take the gondola down. The view is beautiful.

The Tiki Trail is ideal for people with a reasonable level of fitness. There are many places where you can take a break and enjoy the view.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (4)

4) Ben-Lomond-Track

  • distance -11km
  • duration -6-8 hours ago
  • difficulty -challenging
  • Start/end points –On top of the gondola station. You can climb the trials on foot or ride the Skyline Gondola to the top of Bob's Peak.

Walking the Ben Lomond track will test your stamina and strength as it is a 1438m climb with some very steep climbs.

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On the first leg of the hike, enjoy stunning mountain views from alpine bushes to stands of Douglas fir and tufts of grass before arriving at Saddle Lake.

Heaccess road to the horizonit then takes you through various terrains for about 5 hours to a 1731 meter drop where you have spectacular 360 degree views all around you. Take this opportunity to enjoy them! You can even walk the Tiki Walking Track to reach the top.

Ben-Lomond-PistaIt's for those who love challenging hikes. From here, a last push towards the summit begins.

This requires an advanced level of fitness as the steepest climbs are climbed, reaching 1740 meters at the top of Mount Ben Lomond (or 1657 meters if you climb over the Ben Lomond Saddle).

The numbers say a lot about how significant it is to run at 1km/h to climb 1500m in 4 hours!

Make sure you leave early to give yourself plenty of time, bring plenty of water and snacks, and have lunch with you to fuel your body. The Ben Lomond Trail is one of Queenstown's best day hikes due to its views and accessibility.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (5)
The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (6)

5) Moonlight Track (em Queenstown)

  • Required time:4-5 hours one way
  • distance -15 km ago
  • difficulty -challenging
  • Start/end points –At the bottom of the gondola, follow the Tiki Trail to the top of Bob's Peak and finish at the bus stop at Arthur's Point, where you will be taken back to Queenstown.

Moonlight Track is a continuous hiking trail about 15 km long with steep climbs and a decent elevation gain.

You can start this route from bothyou see you seeor from the top of the gondola in Queenstown. You can take the gondola or walk the Tiki Trail. However, keep in mind that it's more accessible if you ride from the top of the gondola.

Starting from Moke Lake is fine if you have two vehicles. But if you only have one, leave it in town and take the bus back.arthur point. Transportation to Moke Lake is difficult unless you have your own vehicle.

Moonlight Track is a challenging but well laid out trail that allows you to start at the top of the gondola station and follow the historic route to Moonlight Goldfields.

As you exit the Skyline Gondola area of ​​the Tiki Trail, follow the signs to the hike and you will see that the trail leads through a wooded area to some.

This well-marked trail winds through beautiful open fields, offering stunning views along its entire length.

The path can be tiring, but it's worth every step. In the end, you'll be rewarded with spectacular 360-degree panoramic views that will take your breath away (and make all your aching muscles feel like nothing).

From the Ben Lomond Saddle, the Moonlight Track is slightly downhill. It is well marked with posts and winds through beautiful open fields with stunning views all the way.

This narrow walk leads to beautiful views of Mount Ben Lomond as you wind through dense undergrowth towards Arthurs Point for incredible panoramic views of Queenstown Bay and the range of New Zealand's Southern Alps.

Once you reach the end of the lane at Arthurs Point, you can take the bus on Gorge Road (continue on McChesney Road to Gorge Road).

There is a bus stop right at the intersection. The bus back to Queenstown costs US$5 and runs regularly (approximately every 30 minutes).

Bring snacks and plenty of water for this hike. This is another one of the best Queenstown day trips because of the views and accessibility.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (7)

6) Lake Moke Loop Trail

  • Required time:1.5 - 2.5 hours round trip
  • Distance:4,5km
  • Difficulty:Simply
  • Start/end points:Moke Lake Campground, 9 miles from Queenstown

Moke Lake Loop Track is a beautiful lookout point not far from Queenstown. The impressive lake is framed by mountains and offers a great opportunity for hikers or cyclists to explore nature.

The loop trail is very popular because it starts and ends at the same place. But if you're looking for a bigger challenge, go for it.arthur pointor theresee-dispute.

This scenic trail leads directly into the stunning scenery of Moke Lake. Go ahead and have fun (or just escape reality) while sunbathing and swimming in the cool, clear waters.

The trail starts near Moke Lake Campground, where you can spend the night while visiting Queenstown or just drop by if you want an afternoon hike and picnic.

If you are an avid canoeist, sailor or swimmer, you can also do these activities on this lake.

However, make sure you book in advance andThis is a fantastic tour that you can book here..

After about 5 minutes soaring into the fresh mountain air and being surrounded by towering pines, hikers are rewarded with a look over their shoulders as they continue towards the water.

Located just a 15-minute drive from Queenstown, the Moke Lake Loop Track is an easy to cycle trail.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (8)

7) 12 mile glide to Bob's Cove

  • distance -up to 6.8 km round trip. same track
  • duration -1 – 4 hours round trip
  • difficulty -Simply
  • Start/end points –Parking in Glenorchy - Queenstown Road, 14 km from Queenstown. Near the 12 mile camp

Bob's Cove Track is a little-known gem, perfect for those looking to get away from it all. This secluded cove on the edge of Lake Wakatipu has calm waters and is ideal for swimming or boating.

Located right at the start of your journey from Queenstown to Glenorchy, this short woodland walk is the perfect way to get out and stretch your legs.

After walking nearly two miles through enchanted forests and peaceful lakeside paths, you'll be standing at one end of the pier, enjoying all that nature has to offer for miles!

The Bob's Cove walk takes you along beautiful limestone cliffs along the coast with an incline offering stunning views of the lake at Ithilien Camp. Lord of the Rings fans will love seeing their favorite filming location!

Adjacent to a stunning backdrop are the remains of historic lime kilns from when early settlers used them as processing factories centuries ago.

Today they offer fascinating photo opportunities while also giving a glimpse into how life was lived here long ago.

The lake itself offers great fishing as well as kayaking or canoeing with multiple operators.

However, if that's not your thing, there are some lovely picnic spots along the coast where you can settle down to a tree with an ice cream cone after exploring our beautiful country's best kept secret.

This hike is ideal for all fitness levels. You can go as far or as little as you like. Then return to your vehicle in the same way.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (9)

8) Mount Crichton Loop Trail

  • time required -2-3 hours round trip
  • distance -7.3 kilometers ago
  • difficulty -intermediary
  • Start/end points –Mt Crichton car park on Glenorchy Road, 12 km from Queenstown

There are many amazing tours in Queenstown. One of the most popular is Mt. Crichton Loop Track, which follows Twelve Mile Creek to Lake Dispute and teaches you about life in this area during the 19th century gold rush.

If you're looking for a way to get your mind moving, this 3-hour loop track is perfect!

This hike has varying degrees of difficulty for all skill levels, with beeches, manuka and mountain beeches dominating the vegetation.

Mt. Crichton Loop Track is one of Queenstown's most popular day walks. This 3-4 hour circular walk (6 km) followstwelve mile creekfor stunning viewssee-disputeand explore an area known for prospecting for gold during the 19th-century mining era.

Along the way, you'll find Sam's Hut, a historic site in the area. Built in 1930, Sam Summers mined there from time to time until his retirement 30 years later.

Behind the house you will find relics of Chinese pottery dating back to the prospectors who camped nearby centuries ago.

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Today it is used by walkers as basic accommodation whilst exploring Glenorchy or just passing through at any time of the year.

Whether you stay overnight in their minimalist simplicity or simply stop for lunch before continuing your voyage, the cabins offer something comfortable that meets every need without worrying about unnecessary luxuries like televisions and phones.

Cross after the hut12 mile creekand head to a ridge overlooking Disputa Lake.

From here you have two options: follow the path back to the car park or continue along Glenorchy Road accompanied by beautiful views of Lake Disputes.

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9) Kelvin Heights Peninsula Trail

  • distance -3,5km
  • duration -1 hour
  • difficulty -Simply
  • Start/end point –Cruce de Peninsula Road e Grove Lane, Kelvin Heights

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Walter's Peak and Queenstown, this is a challenging walk.

As well as golfers at the Queenstown Golf Course at Kelvin Heights, you'll find panoramic views stretching all the way to Frankton Arm, as well as close-up views of some stunning waterfalls.

Going clockwise around the peninsula, you can see Lake Wakatipu from every angle.

The trail offers spectacular views of Queenstown on Frankton Arm. And once you make the turn to the north you have an even more impressive view of Queenstown with some spectacular sculptures by New Zealand artists on display along the way!

These include Mark Hill's "Wakatipu Kuikui" sculpture and Shane Woolridge's "Thru Link To Peak" sculpture, which looms over the hillside just before reaching it.cornice porthole.

This is not only visible, but also noticeable by the contrast with the iconicmountainsemMonte-Aspirantes National Parkas well as. This is one of the best hiking trails to take in the views of the surrounding mountains.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (10)

10) Jack's Point

  • distance -14 kilometers ago
  • duration -4 hours ago
  • difficulty -Moderate
  • Start/end points –18 km from Queenstown

Lace up your hiking boots and get ready for an adventure. This hike offers beautiful lake and mountain views across open grasslands and scattered bushland.

At the end of the road you will come to yourselfjack point. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains bordering Lake Wakatipu.

Here you can truly escape city life and enjoy the beauty of nature around every corner.

Maintained by the Department of Conservation, the trail features slight elevation changes along its length, starting at Jardine Park.

The easy distance is 7 km, which you can achieve regardless of your fitness level.

Whether you are a keen cyclist, runner or hiker, there will still be something for everyone!

Look up too, because some days adventurers will float back after a parachute jump!

There are also challenging parts, so don't be afraid to venture out if necessary! And there are also some quieter sections along the way.

Just make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity by missing important details about what to expect (elevation differences!).

When you feel ready, venture into uncharted territory and try to overcome difficult terrain like B. Steep climbs that get you therejack point!

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (11)

11) Lago-High-Track

  • time required -1-2 hours back
  • distance -1.9 kilometers ago
  • difficulty -challenging
  • Start/end points –The Remarkables Ski Field building, 15 miles from Queenstown

This walk from Queenstown takes you to picturesque glacial Alta Lake with views of the surrounding mountains.

Just behind the Remarkables ski resort buildings, you'll see theAlta-Sessellift. Follow this cable car.

Along the way, you can follow the markers through lovely swamps and forests. You will pass over suspension bridges and cliffs that will take you to Lake Alta.

The base building of the Remarkables ski area is 1,600 meters above sea level and goes up to Lake Alta (1,800 meters). If you go up outside the ski season, you will have to pay a small fee.

Summer (beginning or ending is great too) is the perfect time for this hike.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (12)

Arrowtown Hikes and Best Arrowtown Hikes

Just down the road from Queenstown is the super cute and quaint town of Arrowtown, well worth a visit if you want to continue your walking adventures.

Here are our favorite hikes in Arrowtown.

12) Tobins Spur

  • distance -3.6 kilometers
  • duration -1 hour round trip (30 minutes each way)
  • difficulty -Moderate
  • Start/end points –The entrance to Tobins Track is at the end of Ford Street. There is a parking lot in reserve. Take the bridge over the River Arrow and follow the path up the hill.

Tobin's Track takes you past rivers, waterfalls, old gold mines and lush native forests.

the hotel is in the citycity ​​arrow, this route was originally built by Thomas Tobin as an access route to Wanaka.

The short but steep hike begins with a climb up a gravel road that will get your heart racing. But once you get to the platform, it's worth it for the spectacular view it offers.

There are benches along the trail in memory of a pioneer Wakatipu family in the area.

These benches are a great place to sit and enjoy views of Arrowtown and the wider Wakatipu basin. Bring some snacks or stop here for a small picnic.

As you head up the hill, stop at the ruins of Thomas Tobin's family's old farmhouse on your left.

If you are looking for a bigger challenge, you can continueMonte Beetham, which is another 1.8 km and an additional accent of 300 m.

You may not be the only one on the course as it is also shared with riders and cyclists.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (13)

13) Sawpit Gully Trail

  • distance -Circuit of 7.9 km
  • duration -2-3 hours round trip
  • difficulty -Moderate
  • Start/end point –Access via car park near the Chinese Settlement in Arrowtown. The route starts near the trail information board in Butlers Green.

This is a beautiful circular trail near Arrowtown overlooking the river, forest and Cecil Peak.

There are some steep parts. But the trail is more than doable and only has two creek crossings that aren't all that challenging.

Doing this route in an anti-clockwise direction will make it easier to climb the detour.german hillFor the beautiful views of Hayes Lake, it's worth it!

Start near the information board in Butlers Green, where there is a sign for the Arrow River Trail. Stroll along an ancient walkway over Bush Creek.

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The path then turns left into Butler's Green before turning right and passing under the large green pipe that runs through the town.

Note that there are some steep hills on this route, so make sure you are prepared for those long climbs!

After about fifteen minutes of walking, you come across a small stream that, in this section, joins another parallel tributary right at the mouth.

Then you come to another pool next to the stream near some impressive cliffs with views of what you will discover later.Arroyo Sawpit Gullyneighborhood.

Do you want to be adventurous and take the long walk? You can turn it into an overnight stay by taking the 15km miner's cart road to Macetown if you wish. This abandoned place is an old gold mining town where you can camp.

Note that the route includes river crossings, so don't go when the river is high.

There are two ways to complete the Arrow River/Sawpit Gully Trail:

Clockwise loop - walk along the small creek and then you'll come to the bridge (take the right fork) and then climb (mostly with tree shelter) to the top of the hill where you'll have a great view of Lake Hayes. After that, the trail descends and narrows into a more exposed path back to Arrowtown.

Counterclockwise - Starts on a shaded path along an aqueduct which is essentially upwards past a small waterfall, the climb is quite rocky in places and over exposed ground with no shade before reaching the top of the hill and enjoying the scenic drive to the end.

You can do a shorter loop of this trail if you don't have a lot of time.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (14)

14) New bait loop

  • Distance:7.2 km circuit
  • Duration:1.5 - 2 hours
  • Difficulty:Moderate (high physical condition)
  • start/end point: Nairn Street car park

The verdant New Chum Loop is a moderate trail in the Otago region of Arrowtown.

The 7.2 km course has many obstacles, including an impressive waterfall that you can see as you traverse the region's wooded terrain. The lush forests are also great for birding!

Dogs are allowed here but must remain on a leash during the hike to ensure the safety of other wildlife that may be walking or passing by during the hike.

One thing to note about this route: all the turns along the way have been carefully marked so there is no confusion when navigating back.

You have the opportunity to hike a number of trails in the area, and without these markers it's easy to get lost (especially useful if you're not familiar with local attractions).

The view is spectacular, but be aware that the narrow, overgrown path requires your full attention to stay upright. Some descent sections are quite steep and require a bit of effort.

The last few hundred meters before heading back into town can be hard on your knees coming off the Tobins Track.

So if you wear pants or jeans, you can protect yourself from all the bushes and debris on the Norman Smith Bridge, which in itself makes the counterclockwise walk well worth it!

You can join this Tobins Track hike if you like.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (15)

15) Hayes Lake Loop Walk

  • distance -8 km loop
  • duration -23 hours
  • difficulty -Simply
  • Start/end point –Nairnstrasse car park

The Lake Hayes Walkway Loop is a 7.7-mile trail that winds through Arrowtown's beautiful and lush forest.

It offers views of vibrant native plants as well as native birds such as kea parrots or bellbirds to keep you company on your leisurely walk.

The circular route also features an old gold mining town from which visitors can enjoy stunning scenery with meandering creeks before arriving at Lake Hayes.

The short walk takes you along a boardwalk to protect local wildlife. You can enjoy beautiful mountain and lake views and pass historic cabins.

The trailhead is at the end of the trail on Rutherford Road, where there is a gentle climb that takes you above Lake Hayes.

The path skirts the contour lines until descending to the southern section of the promenade before passingRuderclub de Wakatipu.

The trail has some steep drops and some narrow sections, so be careful and watch your footing.

This is a great hike for beginners and families alike. Walk as far as you like, stopping at any point for beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (16)

16) Rock-Peak-Track

  • distance -Circuit of 7.9 km
  • duration -1.5 - 2 hours
  • difficulty -Moderate
  • Start/end point –Crown Saddle-Parkplatz

If you're looking for a nice break on the long journey between Queenstown and Wanaka, this is it.

This is a 7.9 kilometer hike that takes you through beautiful scenery from your starting point in Arrowtown to Rock Peak above Lake Wanaka in one of New Zealand's Southern Alps.

The trail has been rated moderate, but offers adventurous challenges for those looking for more than just a nature hike. And this section can be tackled by dogs and walkers alike!

The trail starts atCrown Saddle-Parkplatz– which you can also reach by taking those hairpin turns on the Uplands Road from Highway 6 on your way from Queenstown to the city (you will see some planes flying over the valley).

The southern end of the Pisa Mountains is a great place for quick access to beautiful views. Follow an old 4WD track that zigzags from the parking lotrisk, where you'll get amazing photos overlooking Lake St. Clair and Mount Hutton.

Keep going if you're well equipped - there's another fabulous lookout point at Tuohy's Saddle! There are many other hiking trails here if you want to explore further.

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17) Brow tip arch

  • distance -16.3 kilometers
  • duration -4 -5 hours
  • difficulty -Demanding (high physical condition)
  • Start/end points –Near the restroom in the Chinese Village area

If you're looking for a breathtaking experience, the Brow Peak Loop Trail in Arrowtown is for you.

Filled with beautiful wildflowers and rated difficult, this 10-mile hike takes you through varied terrain, including forests surrounded by mountains.

The best time to visit this area is in spring, when the lush hills are covered with daisies and hyacinths in bloom all around. It's really impressive!

The Brow Peak Loop offers hikers a variety of terrain, including forested ridges with scenic views.

And it's perfect any time of year, but particularly stunning in spring when the lush fields are full of blooming daffodils.

Enjoy the sweet scents of iris that fill the air in this serene entryway. The flowering season is from November to April.

If you want to disconnect and need some time in nature, this hike is perfect for you.

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There is no rush here; Unhurried! Enjoy the scenery and surroundings as you hike through mountain ranges with breathtaking indigenous flora and fauna!

Brow Peak is a good hike if you're looking for easy hikes on a cold day. But that doesn't mean it won't be just as beautiful.

In fact, the panoramic view of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu from up there is great.

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Walks in Glenorchy

These are the walks in Glenorchy which is just a short drive from Queenstown where there are many walks to enjoy.

18) Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway

  • distance -3.2 kilometers
  • duration -1-2 hours
  • difficulty -Very easy
  • Start/end points –Park in the seafront car park near the Glenorchy boathouse. The trail is easy to find, turn right at the boathouse and there are DOC signs pointing in the direction of the trail, near Lake Wakatipu on Mull Street.

The Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway is an easy, flat walk that starts in the city centre, runs along the shores of Lake Wakatipu and ends on the shores of the Tasman Sea.

It's one of New Zealand's top ten walks, built on an old railroad bed and offering views of mountains, rivers, forests and beautiful Lake Wakatipu.

This is a peaceful and scenic hike suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

the opinions ofMonte Earnslaw/Pikirakatahiwith its hanging glacier and Mount Alfred/Ari in the surrounding ranges, it will take your breath away.

That's especially true if you're there in the colder months, when its snow-capped peaks are reflected in the lagoons around it. It's so magical!

Until December, these paths are illuminated in purple and bright pink by the natural lupine trees along the route.

There are lookouts everywhere. Stop only if you want to enjoy a specific view.

This is an easy hike, but your reward at the end is one of the best views in New Zealand, making every step worth it.

There are boardwalks over the marshes that are a great stop to see some New Zealand seabirds.

You may see Black-winged Stilts, Black Swans, South Island Oystercatcher, Bitter Australasia and other waterfowl!

Take the opportunity to see the wonders of nature up close, such as dragonflies or damselflies, which are also abundant here.

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (17)

19) Routeburn Naturspaziergang

  • distance -3.1 km circuit
  • duration -2-3 hours
  • difficulty -Moderate physical condition is required. Easy day hike for those who enjoy easy to moderate hikes.
  • Start/end points –Located in the Routeburn Valley, which lies between Routeburn Road and Lake Harris. It is 35 minutes' drive from Glenorchy and 1.5 hours from Queenstown.

The Routeburn Nature Walk is a 3km loop trail near Glenorchy that takes you through moors and rivers suitable for all skill levels.

This hike takes you through a lush forest of ancient beech trees. You'll start by crossing the swing bridge and follow the Routeburn Trail into unspoiled paradise.

Here it is easy to see native birds such as the kea or the kaká along with other animals in their natural habitat. Take your time on your hike to enjoy some of New Zealand's most amazing nature!

From the Routeburn Shelter car park, cross the Route Burn on a swing bridge and follow it reverently as it descends from the main footpath into the valley floor.

You will find yourself in front of a beautiful dominant beech/tawhitron forest that will leave you in awe and wonder. This walk offers gently rolling scenery and views of lush pastures.

After 10-15 minutes you will finally pushSugar Loaf StreamHere you can take your time before continuing on the Routeburn Track (flat) or making your own way back to the car park which will take around 20-30 minutes.

20) Lake Sylvan Trail

  • distance -5.2 kilometers
  • duration -23 hours
  • difficulty -Easy / Moderate
  • Start/end point –Follow the Glenorchy-Routeburn Road for approximately 25 minutes before turning right onto Loch Sylvan. Follow DOC signs from the Lake Sylvan Campground parking lot.

Lake Sylvan is a beautiful spot with great views along the way. Cross the swing bridge over the Routeburn River from Sylvan Campsite and explore a 40-minute walk along river terraces lined with beech trees.

You will reach an intersection, here turn right and continue along the path. Follow the orange triangles along this path to the lake lookout.

This section of the trail follows a historic streetcar line built in the 1920s that transported sheelite from a nearby mine.

It has now been converted into a walking or biking trail for those who want to see what life was like here and how much has changed since then.

On the way, you will pass traces of the mining era with old wooden stairs.

the opinions ofMonte-Aspirantes National ParkThey are stunning with thrushes, fantails and archers in this pristine beauty.

Once at the lake, have a snack and enjoy the area. The calm waters of the lake reflect the high peaks that surround it.

You'll see brown trout scurrying under rocks when they find food or a mate, native fish such as kokopu can be seen swimming close to shore, followed by schools of fish following them for protection against predators such as eels.

The track itself is well maintained and easy to follow. Keep your eyes peeled for orange triangles along the way. There are no facilities at Sylvan Lake.

21) Invincible Gold Mine Trail

  • distance -5,5km
  • duration -3 hours ago
  • difficulty -Moderate, with constant increase.
  • Start/end point –Take the Rees Valley Road out of Glenorchy. It's a gravel road going in. The route starts immediately after the second (and larger) ford. Park in front of the ford and cross on foot.

The Invincible Gold Mine Trail is a 5.5km round trip walk that offers beautiful floral scenery for walkers, hikers, bird watchers or anyone wanting to explore the natural beauty of New Zealand's wildlife.

The 3-hour return journey takes you on a trail to see the rich mining heritage ofOtagos Goldfields Park.

In the middle of Rees Road, this historic and shapely route is suitable for people of moderate fitness and ability.

You can see the remains of a water wheel and seven berdans where miners grind ore in large cast iron bowls in constant rotation (as opposed to traditional grinding).

Miners built the route in the early 1880s, but it's now open to anyone who wants great, uninterrupted views without breaking a sweat or climbing Mount Earnslaw too much.

After crossing the second ford, we begin the ascent and enter a beech forest. The trail is well paved in places, but steep at times. Watch out for the old convex turntables on the trail!

After climbing the Manuka trees you will reach the snow line before arriving at your destination with uninterrupted views.Monte Earnslaw / Pikirakatahi.

The breathtaking view and the unique landscape will make you feel like a true adventurer! Along the way, you'll stop at some of these lookout points to see all that this beautiful region has to offer.

For an even more immersive experience, jump into Lake Wakatipu for a refreshing dip or have lunch with your sandwiches on top.The Mt Alarm Station observation deck. It has stunning views from Queenstown to Wanaka.

Remember to bring insect repellent as there are sandflies along the route. Pack wisely so they don't ruin your day!

The 21 BEST hikes in Queenstown - Ultimate Hiking Guide [2023] (18)

When is the best time to go hiking in Queenstown?

The walking season here in Queenstown is perfect from late October to late April, with January and February being the peak season.

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If you are traveling in the months of November or March/April, the weather is still pleasant, with nice long days for walking. This time is great if you want to avoid crowds.

If you want to be more adventurous, people go hiking during this period as the peaks are covered in snow, giving the landscape a magical atmosphere.

With a variety of weather conditions, from sunny, snow-white landscapes on winter days with crystal blue skies, to incredibly hot days in summer, you'll never get bored.


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