Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (2023)

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There are so many reasons for thisvisit Honningsvåg, a town high in Norway that serves as a gateway to the North Cape.

This is a guide forThings to do in Honningsvag…from the world’s northernmost pine forest alongside delicious French-style independent bakeries.

Planning your last minute trip to Honningsvåg?

When you reserve yoursviaje ein HonningsvagWe are here for you at the last minute. Below are some of the hotels and more!

Top Hotels in Honningsvag:

  1. Scandic Bryggen
  2. Youth hostel at the North Cape

There are manyThings to do in Honningsvag, the northernmost town in Norway, near the North Cape.

Things to do in Honningsvag

If you had shown me photos of Honningsvåg before I got there I'm not sure what I would have said about the place other than that it has a photogenic harbor and seems a bit otherworldly.

To be honest it felt like just another Norwegian fishing community.

Having traveled there with Megan, I'm totally in love with Norway's northernmost city: Honningsvåg.

Its location is not only special, but also unique because the city has a lot to offer in such a small area.

Honningsvåg really is on the tundra and there are no trees and even in midsummer it was very cold.

Honningsvåg is also the gate tovisit the North Cape, a place more or less billed as the top of Europe (although many places dispute this).

I thought it would be a generic location which would be a bit disappointing, but Megan and I can't even begin to express how surreal our visit was.

Honningsvåg came at the end of our trip and it was perfect.

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This is a guide that goes into more detail on things to do in Honningsvåg for those who may use this town as a launch pad for Nordkapp.

Or maybe you visit Honningsvåg just to visit Honningsvåg. Anyway, I hope this guide gives you an idea of ​​what there is to do there and what is in and around the arctic city.

We found Honningsvåg a bit livelier than expected. When we arrived the town seemed to be in celebration, with locals and tourists drinking late into the night (“night” of the midnight sun) in the harbor.

There was music everywhere and Honningsvåg was anything but sleepy and boring for us.

There are cruise ships coming in and docking so there were always people walking around the port area enjoying themselves.

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(Video) Honningsvåg to North Cape | Road-trips in Northern Norway

Another thing we loved about Honningsvåg is how easy it was to drive around in the summer. Motorways ensured that the city was well connected to surrounding towns, the North Cape and beyond.

The roads were a bit narrow and seemed endless... but they were all easy to drive. The area is also teeming with reindeer. It was just amazing I think.

Here is a guide to things to do in Honningsvåg. If you have any other suggestions or recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

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Directions to Honningsvåg, Norway

There are several ways to get to Honningsvåg. We flew there and had a rental car ready for us upon arrival. We strongly recommend hiring a car when you get there.

The setting is so magical and otherworldly... You will want the freedom to explore the island and area at your own pace and not someone else's. Below are the ways to get to Honningsvåg.

Bus nach Honningsvag

Depending on where you are coming from, you can take a bus to Honningsvåg. Bus services come from Alta and Hammerfest. Please note that this can take a few hours and you will drive through Skaidi (if you drive there).

Also check the bus connections several times as we missed ours due to wrong information from two sources (however, our bus went from Honningsvåg to Hammerfest).

We hitchhiked and you can read in oursThings to do in HammerfestGuide.

Click here to checkBus schedules from Sneland to Honningsvag and the north

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Hurtigruten para Honningsvåg

You can also take the Hurtigruten boat to Honningsvåg. You'll likely be on board a ship with other passengers on a long trip to Norway, so make sure you book correctly and hop from port to port.

You cannot book this trip in English on the website, but you can in Norwegian. Click here to see how to take themHurtigruten para Honningsvåg.

Rent a car in Honningsvåg

The best way to get around in the far north of Norway in summer is to rent a car. It may not always be gloriously cheap, but the reindeer don't take pictures of themselves and you have to stop often.

Luckily, you won't spend too much fuel on Magerøya, the main island where Nordkapp and Honningsvåg meet.

We used a lot less than expected and even drove a few hours south to Stabbursdalen National Park.

Click here to check car rental prices and availability in Honningsvag

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Flights to Honningsvag

If you're flying to Honningsvåg, congratulations, you probably chose the easiest way to get there. The airport is small and is served by Widerøe.

You can find relatively cheap flights if you book in advance...but beware, these flights sometimes have seven layovers.

This is part of what Norwegians in the far north call the "Milky Way". However, that's why we flew to Honningsvåg and left Hammerfest.

Click here to show Widerøe for flights to Honningsvag

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Cultural and historical activities in Honningsvåg

Visit North Cape

Admittedly I would be remiss not to put this first as this is what draws most people to Honningsvåg anyway. The stunning North Cape was definitely one of our highlights on our visit to Northern Norway.

Megan and I fought a lot at this point in the trip (which we do a lot) because we're both hotheads and she doesn't like to be wrong... but our visit to the North Cape made us put all that aside and just be grateful . for each other and being able to share these moments with a great friend.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (7)

It also made us very thankful for our work and that we could do this for "work".

Visiting the North CapeIt's something a lot of people dream of their whole lives and here we were... doing it for our work and then writing about it so people can fulfill that dream for themselves.

(Video) CRUISING WITH KAT | A Day In Honningsvag Norway | Trip To The Nordkapp (North Cape) |

It was a very special moment that we will never forget or take for granted.

Luckily we had a rental car which gave us the opportunity to drive to the North Cape without an organized tour.

Although it's only 33 kilometers from Honningsvåg, it can take much longer depending on the weather and how many times you want to stop and shout that you've seen a reindeer.

The road can be extremely cloudy for Nordkapp and makes the whole journey seem a bit mysterious.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (8)

The road is so lonely and the landscape so barren that you feel like you have an island all to yourself, especially when it's foggy outside.

On arrival you need to buy tickets from a self service counter then you can go tonorth capemonument and museum.

It was only 3°C that day and it was so cold that we stayed in the museum for a long time waiting for the fog to lift.

It was only one way and that was enough for us to take some photos and then explore the museum.

The museum has several exhibits in the North Cape Hall before reaching the Globe Monument marking the North Cape.

Various exhibits include arctic flora and fauna, a cinema with a cool video of the North Cape in all seasons, and even a small room and exhibition dedicated to the King of Thailand who visited in the early 20th century.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (9)

The museum has a gift shop, restaurant and coffee shop and much more.

In fact, Megan and I spend more time in the museum learning more about the area and the people and animals that live there than outside at the Nordkapp Monument.

Welcome to the top of the world. Literally.

Browse the North Cape Museum in Honningsvåg (North Cape Museum)

There is also a smaller museum in Honningsvåg dedicated to the North Cape. You can learn more about this special museum.Here. It is located next to the Hurtigruten dock.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (10)

Visit the West of the Moon gallery.

Honningsvåg may be a small town, but it's really rich in art and this museum is a good example of that.

Local artists exhibit their beautiful works at the West of the Moon gallery, which was established in Honningsvåg in 2000.

It's adorned with interesting artwork and the charming location is a great place to admire Scandinavian motifs and shop for some local pieces from the artists who call this stunning part of the world home.

You will find the West of the Moon gallery at Storgata 4B in Honningsvåg.

Honningsvåg Harbor Tour

The Honningsvåg harbor area is definitely one of the best places to relax and wander in peace.

We were right by Scandic harbor but we certainly enjoyed walking around this area as it is green and lively and there are nice shops and cafes in the harbor area.

Honningsvåg is small and the city is centered around this harbor and it shows. It is undoubtedly one of the city's must-see attractions.

(Video) Scenic Drive to North Cape from Honningsvåg - NORWAY

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Photo of Honningsvåg Church (or any other church)

Norwegian churches are somewhat lackluster aesthetically, and many are known for being minimalist and, for lack of a better word, bland.

The interesting thing about the churches of the far north is that the setting makes them extremely pleasing to the eye.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (12)

Honningsvåg Church is a small but charming building built in 1885. It stands on a small hill and from there you have a beautiful view of the city and the Barents Sea.

The church lights up the dark sky in winter and can be seen from afar.

Visit the Bamse statue in Honningsvåg

Every small town has its interesting stories and the statue of Bamse (Norwegian word for "teddy bear") comes from Honningsvåg.

This statue is dedicated to the story of a local boy who happens to be a St. Bernard. This statue honors his service during WWII and he was very faithful to his work helping save the lives of two sailors during the war.

He was a member of the team and eventually died in 1944. More than 900 people attended his funeral to say goodbye and thank the local canine hero.

This statue was erected by the Scots in Honningsvåg in 2006. It is one of the must see things in Honningsvåg.

Cafes, food and restaurants in Honningsvåg

Königskrabbenfest in Honningsvåg

Not many people know, but this part of Norway is known for its exceptional king crab and you can get some of the best in Honningsvåg.

Almost every restaurant sells it, but we can definitely suggest enjoying it at King Crab House Brasserie & Bar in Honningsvåg city center.

You can find the king crab house at Sjøgata 6 in Honningsvåg. It's one of the best restaurants in Honningsvåg and comes highly recommended.

Want to learn more about king crab and the Norwegian fishing industry in the Arctic? This tour will teach you everything you need to know.Click here for more information, pricing and availability.

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Tome un café en Honningsvåg no Honni Bakes

We decided to find a cafe one morning before our trip to HonningsvågParque Nacional StabbursdalenCoffee and cake for the trip.

We ended up at a French inspired bakery and cafe called Honni Bakes and bought a coffee and biscuits instead of a cake.

The decor was cozy and fresh and the young French woman who worked was extremely friendly. We definitely recommend Honni Bakes to anyone visiting Honningsvåg.

You can find the cafeteria at Storgata 1B in the city center near the port.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (14)

Enjoy refined and delicious dining at Havly

Known for its friendly staff and sophisticated dishes, Havly is one of the best places to eat in Honningsvåg and definitely one of the best places to try local northern Norwegian dishes.

They have regular specials prepared by the chef and always served with style and detail.

If you want to experience one of the best restaurants in Honningsvåg, be sure to stop by Havly and try one of the specials. You can find them at Storgata 12 in Honningsvåg.

If you're interested in learning more about the food in this area of ​​Norway, then this food tour of Honningsvåg might be for you!Click here for prices and availability for an Arctic Food Tour in Honningsvåg.

Honningsvåg Day Trips (Places near Nordkapp)

Visit Stabbursdalen National Park, the world's northernmost pine forest

In fact, we decided to stay one more day in the Nordkapp and Honningsvåg area because we knew we would regret leaving early without being able to see everything the area had to offer (which we thought impossible and it really took us a whole month there). .

We decided to make the most of our extra day and ventured into Stabbursdalen National Park.

Parque Nacional StabbursdalenIt is a completely different landscape and nature than that around Honningsvåg on the island of Magerøya.

(Video) NORTH CAPE: The most NORTHERN point reachable by vehicle in Europe! // EPS. 11 EXPEDITION NORTH

The landscape around Magerøya is a frozen, treeless tundra. Stabbursdalen is actually the northernmost pine forest in the world.

Nothing says epic like driving through a treeless landscape and suddenly seeing a vast forest appear out of nowhere.

The national park has a welcome center where you can learn more about it and there are even videos and interactive exhibits.

Located about two hours south of Honningsvåg, you can ski, camp, hike or relax in cabins in and around the park. In Stabbursdalen there are lakes, waterfalls and marked hiking trails.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (15)

There are even grills and places to grill inside. If you have a car and are looking for a different arctic adventure near Honningsvåg, we recommend visiting Stabbursdalen National Park.

Go on a bird safari in Gjesvær

Honningsvåg is surrounded by charming little fishing villages and Gjesvær is one of them.

Located oppositeMageroyaGjesvær, some 34 kilometers away, is known for its bird safaris and the chance to see puffins, gannets, white-tailed eagles and other world-class wild birds.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (16)

Although Gjesvær is known as a bird watcher's paradise, we actually found the sleepy village to be as photogenic and beautiful as anywhere in this tundra landscape.

We were impressed with the view of the harbor and more. There's also a dead tree sticking out of the clump that the treeless village is known for.

A visit to Gjesvær is definitely one of the must-sees in Honningsvåg for anyone renting a car at Nordkapp.

For more information about a bird safari in Gjesvær go toClick here to learn more about Olas Bird SafariLeaves.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (17)

Drive to the village of Skarsvåg on Magerøya

Skarsvåg is a small fishing village 15 minutes from Honningsvåg. It is a very quiet place where you can see many boats in the port, go for a walk and then also take pictures of the nature that surrounds it.

There's not much to do there, but if you have a hire car it's definitely worth a quick stop to see.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (18)

Admire the landscapes of Magerøya

I really recommend renting a car (as if I didn't say it enough in this post) when visiting Honningsvåg and the North Cape.

And then get in your car and just drive offua redor de Magerøya, the island where everything is located and a place where many reindeer live.

We navigate just by listening to music and don't take a second of our time at the North Cape for granted.

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (19)

Accommodation in Honningsvag

We stayed at two different places in Honningsvåg. Our first place wasScandic Bryggenand it was right on the harbor and even had its own restaurant. It was one of the best hotels in Honningsvåg.

The second place we stayed wasYouth hostel at the North Cape. It was a mix of hostel and hotel... but definitely had more of a hostel vibe. It was cheaper and had shared bathrooms.

The walls are thin so bring ear plugs. But otherwise it was a great place to spend the night.

Click here to see all hotels in Honningsvåg and Nordkapp

Things to do in Honningsvåg, Norway - The Gateway to the North Cape (20)

We had a great time in Northern Norway and found so many great things to do in Honningsvåg. We will have a Nordkapp guide soon, so stay tuned.

(Video) Nordkapp, Norway - What to expect?

* A special thanks to Visit Nordkapp and Visit Northern Norway for welcoming us to this epic part of the world. It will always be one of our most memorable trips. All opinions are ours.


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